Pembuatan Pondok Belajar Untuk Kegiatan Pembelajaran Informal di Kampung Gadog

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Abdul Rokhman


Education is the most substantial element that a country should have. Having good and proper education is right for all citizens, thus a country must provide it to all citizens without discrimination. Though government has been trying all their best to achieve such goal, there is still some areas that are not covered yet. Areas like remote and non-remote locations are the ones that feel the impact the most. They do not have surrounding facilities that can support their need for education. Some elementary schools and junior high are more than 5 km away, not to mention roads and ways to reach those schools are decrepit. Kampung Gadog is just one of them who has been struggling with these poor conditions. Hence, the aim of this activity and project is to build a proper learning facility called “Pondok Belajar” that can support and provide better ways for children in Kampung Gadog to learn school subjects informally. Not only providing a place for informal school but Pondok Belajar can also be a place where locals meet up and conduct meeting to discuss social issues.


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