Petir: Jurnal Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknik Informatika, with registered number ISSN 1978-9262 (Print), ISSN 2655-5018 (Online) is a scientific journal published by Sekolah Tinggi Teknik PLN Informatics Engineering Department, established in 2007. Petir: Jurnal Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknik Informatika contains researches done mainly by academic practitioners and issues two publications yearly, in March and September. The journal publishes original papers in the field of computer science and information systems which includes, but not limited to, the following scopes:


Computer Engineering

Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computer, Pervasive Computing, Computer Network, Embedded System, Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Computer Security, VLSI Design-Network Traffic Modeling, Performance Modeling, Dependable Computing, High Performance Computing, Computer Security

Information technology

Digital Signal Processing, Human-Machine Interface, Stochastic Systems, Information Theory, Intelligent Systems, IT Governance, Networking Technology, Optical Communication Technology, Next Generation Media, Robotic Instrumentation

Information Search Engine, Multimedia Security, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, Intelligent System, Distributed Computing System, Mobile Processing, Next Network Generation, Computer Network Security, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligent and Expert System, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network, Business Process, Cognitive Systems.

Data and Software engineering

Software Engineering (Software: Lifecycle, Management, Engineering Process, Engineering Tools and Methods), Programming (Programming Methodology and Paradigm), Data Engineering (Data and Knowledge level Modeling, Information Management (DB) practices, Knowledge Based Management System, Knowledge Discovery in Data)