Mikro Simulasi Kinerja Ruas Jalan (Studi Kasus Jalan RE. Martadinata Palembang)

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Yules Pramona Zulkarnain
Bazar Asmawi


One of the road infrastructures in Palembang with a fairly high generation and distribution of vehicle movement is the RE. Martadinata infrastructures, this is due to many of centralized economic activities along these roads such as markets, schools, ports, factories and settlements. This results in high side barriers so that it often causes many transportation problems such as vehicle delays, congestion, croweded and even accidents. Based on the above problems, it is necessary to conduct a research that examines the traffic performance of the R.E. Martadinata Palembang using the Indonesian Road Capacity Guidelines and simulated with the Vissim 2021 student version application. Based on the results of calculations and analysis of road performance data, the results obtained are, average vehicle volume (V) = 3747-3502 veh/hour, the V/C ratio = 0.65, the vehicle speed (VB ) is=45 km/hour so that the road network performance (LOS) is obtained at level C where traffic flow conditions are stable, but vehicle speed is controlled. The results of the micro simulation of road performance are, average vehicle volume (V) = 3990-3432 veh/hour, average speed = 40-42 km/hour, and emissions Carbon monoxide = 0.01-0.02 gram/km, Nitrogen monoxide = 0.002-0.004 gram/km, Hydro Carbon = 0.003-0.004 gram/km and fuel consumption = 4.6-6.8 liter/pcu.


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